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State Motorized Trail System:

This is our Motorized version of the Pacific Crest Trail going from Mexico to Canada. During the formation of the OHV Program in 1972, legislation specifically stated that we would have the State Motorized Trail System.

Welcome the State Motorized Trail System (SMTS) web site. This project has been over 30 years in development. You can click on the various pages to get a history of the individuals that have pursued it, a history of the legislation that supported it, copies of various maps of proposed routes, and a history of the three sections of the system that were implemented by government.

The final plan of the system was a lot like the National Interstate Highway System and is made up of odd numbered North-South routes and even numbered East-West routes.

After 20 years of great effort and only three sections implemented, the main proponents of the system lost confidence that government would ever provide the system that an overwhelming number of OHV enthusiasts had indicated that they wanted. During a 10-year hiatus, the world of technology changed in a way that eliminated the need for government action to mark the system so users could have a fun long distance experience without having to pull out a map at every turn. The Internet now provides a convenient communication medium to interested users of the system and the Global Positioning System (GPS) allows users to follow downloaded tracks in their GPS receiver instead of signs along the route.

You can click on the many map pages and using Adobe Acrobat see and print a color map of the various sections of the routes of the system.  Check back on the map page for any updates posted.  We will change the date for each Route so that you can tell which ones were updated and when.   To use the GPS system all you need to do is download the Garmin Mapsource file (this software comes with the GPS unit or can be purchased separately)  to your PC, then after planning a trip download the appropriate tracks to your GPS, then use your "Track Back" feature or just follow the cookie crumbs and enjoy the system.

The initial thought was to incorporate this as a separate 501c.3 Corporation, but the Board of Directors of CTUC (California Trails User Coalition) decided to be the sponsor of this system. This trail program goes right with the mission of CTUC.

A tax deductible donation as a supporting member on this system can be made by sending your check, made out to CTUC, with specific instructions for SMTS application to the address below.

CTUC meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m. at 3550 Foothill Blvd. Glendale, CA. 91214. The meetings are open and everyone is welcome. You can check CTUCís website at www.trailusers.org or our new site www.ctuc.info

Please make any donations to CTUC. These donations are all tax deductible. A supporting membership is also available.

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Last modified: January 10, 2012